Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Online Azerbaijan Visa Application from PAKistan

Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Azerbaijan e-Visa: Entry Requirements for Pakistani Nationals

Do you  need Azerbaijan Visa for Pakistan? All travelers from Pakistan who are planning a trip to Azerbaijan need to be in possession of the following: a valid passport, accessible email address and a valid debit/credit card.

Pakistani Passport Prerequisites to Visit Azerbaijan

All Pakistanis will need to have a valid passport. According to the requirements, the passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months after the intended date of arrival in Azerbaijan.

When a traveler’s passport will expire within six months after having entered Azerbaijan, the traveler will have to renew his/her passport before applying for an Azerbaijan visa.

Pakistani citizens who need to apply for a visa may upload a clear digital copy of their passport’s biographical page rather than visiting the nearest consulate or embassy in person.

When an applicant has dual citizenship, the passport that the traveler will use to enter Azerbaijan must also be used when completing the application. If a different passport is presented when entering the country, the visa will become invalid.

Eligible Travel Purposes to Use the Azerbaijani e-Visa as a Pakistani

There are several types of visas for Azerbaijan that are available depending on the traveler’s purpose for visiting the country.

The Azerbaijani e-Visa can be used for a wide range of purposes that include:

  • Tourism
  • A business trip
  • Short-term medical treatment
  • Educational purposes
  • Attending a trade fair, business meeting or conference
  • Sports exchanges
  • Science
  • Culture
  • Humanitarian

It is important to note that when the e-Visa will be used for business-related purposes, it must be unpaid. Otherwise, a work permit and temporary residence permit will be needed.

Extra documentation, such as proof of accommodation, will need to be provided for this kind of visa.

Also, if the traveler plans to stay for longer than 30 consecutive days in Azerbaijan, a different type of visa will have to be applied for in person at the closest consulate/embassy.

Azerbaijan Online Visa Application for Pakistani Travelers

The first crucial step that Pakistani citizens must complete is to apply for an e-Visa. Luckily, the entire application process can be completed online from the comfort of your office or home. Visiting the nearest consulate or embassy is unnecessary.

The process is also quick and straightforward. Citizens from Pakistan who qualify to apply for an e-Visa must complete only the following three steps:

After these steps have been completed, any other communication will be by means of email. This includes the status of the visa application.

The e-Visa itself will also be sent to the email address which was provided in the application form if the application was approved. Applicants must, thus, please check their inbox often.

If a traveler’s application was denied, he/she may still be able to apply for the visa again. The reason for denying the application will be provided so that the applicant can resolve these problems prior to reapplying.

Traveling from Pakistan to Azerbaijan: Trip Advice

Travelers from Pakistan are advised to consult the rules for entry prior to departing for Azerbaijan. New travel restrictions are introduced from time to time to help combat current events, such as a global pandemic.

An Azerbaijan e-Visa can be processed in a single day, but it can take up to three days on condition that all the details provided were correct.

Considering this, Pakistani citizens who must apply are strongly urged to begin the application process at least four business days prior to their intended arrival date in Azerbaijan.

State Migration Service Registration by Pakistanis in Azerbaijan

All travelers from Pakistan who will be traveling around in Azerbaijan for a period that exceeds 15 days must also register with the State Migration Service. This process must be completed within the first 15 days after arrival and may be completed in person or online.

This registration service may be offered as part of the check-in process for those who will be staying at a hotel

How Long Does the Azerbaijani e-Visa for Pakistani Citizens Remain Valid?

An e-Visa for Pakistani nationals is valid for only 90 days. This period begins from the proposed arrival date. It is also a single-entry travel permit which means that this permit is valid for only a single trip to Azerbaijan.

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