Azerbaijan Visa for Indian Citizens

Online Azerbaijan Visa Application from India

Azerbaijan Visa for Indian Citizens
Azerbaijan eVisa Entry Requirements for India

Citizens traveling from India to Azerbaijan must possess a valid visa before their trip. Depending on the purpose of their journey, they may be eligible for the eVisa or they may need to obtain another type of Azerbaijani visa from an embassy.

The eVisa allows Indian travelers to enter Azerbaijan for short-term stays for certain travel purposes.

Eligible travel purposes to use the Azerbaijani e-Visa as Indian citizens

The following are the allowed travel purposes for Indian travelers visiting Azerbaijan with an eVisa:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Science
  • Culture
  • Sports
  • Personal trip
  • Official trip

Indian passport prerequisites to visit Azerbaijan

Before applying for the eVisa for Azerbaijan, Indian travelers must make sure their passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the moment they will enter Azerbaijan.

If the Indian passport expires in less than 6 months, visitors should first renew it and then apply for the eVisa. Visitors from India will need to show their valid passports, together with the approved eVisa, when entering Azerbaijan.

Validity of the Azerbaijani Visa for Indian citizens

The Azerbaijani eVisa has a validity of 90 days from the date of arrival in Azerbaijan that has been indicated in the online application form.

Visitors from India can spend a maximum of 30 days in Azerbaijan and the eVisa allows a single entry into the country. If travelers do not enter Azerbaijan within 3 months from the date indicated on their application, they will need to apply for a new eVisa as the previous one becomes void.

Azerbaijan Online Visa Application for Indian Citizens

The Azerbaijan visa application for Indian visitors is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes entirely online and from anywhere in the world.

There are only a few Azerbaijani eVisa entry requirements. All Indian travelers need is to have an internet connection and abide by the online visa conditions, specifically:

  • A picture of the biographical page of the passport
  • credit or debit card for the online payment
  • An email address that can be used to send relevant eVisa information

When filling out the online application form, travelers from India need to provide the following information:

  • Passport details such as number, date of issue and expiry, issuing country
  • Personal details like full name, date, and place of birth
  • Intended date of arrival in Azerbaijan
  • Address of the accommodation where they plan on staying in Azerbaijan.

Once they have completed this information, Indians must pay the Azerbaijan eVisa processing fee. All major credit or debit cards are accepted.

Processing time of the Azerbaijani eVisa as an Indian traveler

After submitting the online application form, Indian travelers can expect to receive their visa via email within 24 to 72 hours.

While most visas are processed within one day, delays can happen in case of inaccuracies in the data provided in the application form. In such cases, travelers from India may be requested to fill out a new application form.

Any important correspondence regarding the status of the Azerbaijani eVisa will be sent to the email address provided in the application form.

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